Hello, my name is Kate Adams. I was a health publisher, ironically, who managed to put on a couple of extra stone without even realising. Fed up with my expanding waistline I set out to lose my spare tyre, and keep it off for good. I never went hungry, I was never fed up and four years later I am still 2 1/2 stone lighter than back at the beginning of that chilly January.

The Flat Tummy Club Diet

The Flat Tummy Club Diet reveals just how I lost the weight and how anyone can too, living in the real world.

  • Beat the bloat and shed up to 7lbs in a week. Then follow the easy 21 day plan.
  • Swap in the Top 20 Flat Tummy Foods to help you keep on the straight and narrow-waisted.
  • Do the Flat Tummy Toning Workout.
  • Enjoy 50 Flat Tummy recipes. Eat real food and lose weight easily.
  • Keep your flat tummy forever with tips to help you maintain your willpower when stress, holidays and work start getting in the way.

I love this book 7lbs lost in the first week, woohoo
Here is a woman who understands why shedding weight is so hard and who is holding your hand rather than wagging a finger The Times

Heres to a new me! Already it makes so much sense
The best thing is I dont feel like Im on a diet, Im in control

I have the book and it is fantastic. I have been following the flat tummy club since the beginning of the year and it has transformed my tummy and other bits!!

This is definitely the way I want to spend the rest of my life

Amazon UK yes please

Amazon US for the kindle edition