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7 Days Pure & Simple: Healthy Recipes and Inspiration


Get your Spring started with inspiring recipes to reset, refresh and rebalance

“fall back in love with your body”


We’ll be honest, however much we would like to be those people who treat their bodies as a temple for 365 days of the year, the truth is that every now and then we need to balance out the indulgences with a few days of saintliness. The signs are clear, when our trousers feel tight and somehow we always seem to feel hungry, fancying every cake or pastry in every shop window that we pass.

Our bodies get used to eating and wanting more rather too quickly, why it doesn’t seem to happen the other way round seems to me to be one of life’s little ironies. But if we can

gather our collective willpower and

fill our cupboards with delicious ingredients for making quick and easy healthy recipes


then we give ourselves the best chance for setting off on a fresh new start.

Spring is an even better time for that healthy kick start than the new year, when our minds want change but our body wants comfort. As the days lengthen and we feel a warmth in the air, we naturally want to eat lighter, too. We can harness that natural willpower for our own benefit.

Treat yourself to 7 Days of Pure & Simple and reset your inner and outer balance. Feel good, eat well, absorb nature as it springs into life and enjoy…


The results? Not just a slimmer waistline but loads more vitality. You’ll be brimming with energy and kickstart a summer of delicious and healthy living.


Download your e-plan pdf for just £4.99 and enjoy a summer of loving food and loving your body

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