Flat Tummy Club Diet

Flat Tummy Club Diet

21 days to a flatter tummy

I love this book 7lbs lost in the first week, woo hoo

Here is a woman who understands why shedding weight is so hard and who is holding your hand rather than wagging a finger The Times

Im now four weeks into the FTC and have lost 9lbs. Im thrilled, and really motivated. Im terrible at sticking to diets but here I am quite happily continuing. Ive bought loads of diet books in my time but this is the only one I needed

Hello. Im Kate. I used to publish diet books, big blockbuster diet books. Unfortunately, while doing this I managed to put on over 2 stone – the irony. Depressed by my expanding waistline, I set out to lose weight my own way, with no fads or tricks – and keep it off for good. In 6 months I lost two and a half stone and Ive never looked back. Its been three years and Im eating more healthily and happily than ever.

Whats it all about?

Do the Flat Tummy Inquisition to work out exactly where your spare tyre comes from

Identify the changes you need to make to your diet

Beat the bloat and lose up to 7lbs in a week with the 7-day Jump Start

Swap in the Top 20 Flat Tummy Foods

Enjoy over 50 recipes

Do the Flat Tummy Workout

Comprehensive 21 day Personal Planner

Keep your flat tummy forever with tips to help you maintain your willpower when stress, holidays and works start getting in the way

If you want a flat tummy, you want to feel good not guilty around food, energised, confident and relaxed, then look no further! Give it a go – if I can do it, anyone can.

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