Our new cookbook MAGIC SOUP: Food for health and happiness has just been published!

Each and every one of these soups has a little bit of magic in it, whether it will comfort you on a rainy day, make you eat too fast or make you feel good about what you ate today. There are healing soups and New Year soups, chilled soups for hot summer days and warm, toasty soups for winter evenings. There are soups to cleanse the body and soothe the soul; some will take you to far off countries, while others will bring you home.

We teamed up with the wonderful photographer Regula Ysewijn (Miss Foodwise) and created 100 soups to tempt your tastebuds. For me, soup was a key to my losing weight and now staying slim. Its delicious, comforting and nourishing and just about always a healthier option than a sandwich. I can particularly recommend the Kitchari for helping with any water retention, the Greens & Grains and the Miso Soups for All Seasons. The Carrot, Cumin and Miso will keep you warm and toasty on these chilly winter days, as will the Carrot & Roasted Buckwheat, made with my favourite coconut oil and gluten free (buckwheat is actually a seed). There are plenty of hearty soups too, from Rib-Eye Pho to a Feast of 7 Fish (amazing).

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Apple Cider Beetroot recipe from the book