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Quick Suppers

Beanie Linguine

16/08/2013 by Kate 0

Just a real quickie supper or lunch here.

All I did was boil 75g linguine per person and added to that:

Watercress pesto (Pollen Organics)
Green beans
A scattering of capers
Lemon juice
A dusting of parmigiano


Coconut Chicken

16/08/2013 by Kate 2

This is a perfect mid-week, one-pot meal. It even made me glad I resisted pizza! Serves 2 100g organic long grain rice 1/2 chicken stock cube (our favourite is Kallo) a few cracked cardamom pods 50-100ml reduced fat coconut milk 1 leek, finely sliced 4 chicken drumsticks 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp coriander seeds […]

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A Taste of the Sea – Mussels Made Easy

6/08/2013 by Kate 0

Serves 4 1.75kg mussels Sesame oil Fresh ginger Turmeric root (or ground turmeric) Sake Butter Chopped spring onions When buying mussels make sure as few of the shells as possible are open as these will likely have to be discarded. They should smell really fresh and like the sea. You can ask the fishmonger to […]

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Crab Linguine

14/05/2013 by Kate 0

We went to Bill Granger’s cafe restaurant in Notting Hill and enjoyed the sunny yellow awnings while we looked out at London in the rain. After a wonderful brunch I was inspired to pull out his cookbook Bill’s Sydney Food from the shelf and found a simple dish I had never cooked before but would […]

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Salmon a la Malouf

7/05/2013 by Kate 0

Inspired by ‘Malouf’ Serves 2 Dry 1 tsp fennel seeds and zest of a lime on a baking tray in the oven at lowest heat for 10 mins, crush in a pestle & mortar and add a tsp of sumac. Boil new potatoes. Pre-heat oven to highest temp. Season 2 salmon fillets, heat a little […]

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Dhal with Humble Pie

12/04/2013 by Kate 0

About a year ago Nic and I had our first dinner party, or rather picnic in the garden with friends. As a chef, Nic went to town and created an array of temptations from scotch quail eggs to smoked trout (as in she smoked the trout!), rib eye to die for and more. I went […]

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With Love From Malta: Sea Bream with ajo bianco

8/04/2013 by Kate 0

I had no idea what ajo bianco was before Nic conjured up this stunning recipe but it’s fabulous. Basically it’s stale bread, almonds, almond milk and vinegar, and don’t worry about the bread unless you’re intolerant as a little of this sauce goes a long way. If you want to impress with ease this is […]

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Cod with pancetta leeks

5/04/2013 by Kate 0

I used to be a bit wary of cooking fresh fish, worrying that I would either overcook or undercook it, i.e. ruin it. But witha bit of confidence it’s easy and so delicious. The main thing is to be brave about getting the pan really hot and then get the oil hot before adding the […]

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Chicken Tonight

29/11/2012 by Kate 0

Chicken is such a firm flat tummy club friend that I wanted to sing its praises and pull together some of our favourites. I’m such a fan of thighs in particular as they contain so much more flavour than the breast, I know they contain more calories but for me it’s worth it for the […]

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Sesame Spiced Aubergine

29/11/2012 by Kate 0

I never thought there was an easy way to get aubergine lovely and soft without having to go through all the faff of salting and draining it, trying to cook them whole on the flame of the hob and making a right mess of it, or using loads of oil. And then Nic showed me […]

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