This Girl Can

I love the poster campaign from Sport England, This Girl Can. I was standing on the tube platform, looked up and smiled at a woman on her bicycle. She wasnt an athlete, she wasnt a model, she was a woman going for a cycle ride rather than sitting on the sofa.

For so many girls, games at school was something that made them feel self conscious or it was overly competitive; you were more likely to be shouted at than have any fun. Ive always thought, why dont they teach yoga or Pilates in schools, or zumba?! I bet more girls would be interested then. And even as grown ups, thinking about exercise often just makes us feel negative thoughts about ourselves if were not careful, and if we dont have positive images like This Girl Can to remind us that nobody else gives a fig for what we look like in the pool, on our bike or at the gym.

One of my favourite sayings is that comparison is the thief of joy. When we compare ourselves to others, there will always be a way to feel were not a good as we could or should be. The trouble is that this kind of thinking rarely gets us out of the front door with our trainers on. It tends to keep us right where we are. But if we can turn our perspective around, and know that a 10 minute jog is better than no jog at all, or a walk by the river, a class once a week, then our motivation begins to build. Dont worry about about what everyone else is doing, what makes you feel good?

I can do the plank, just not for very long