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I’m giving up…

5/01/2012 by Kate in Healthy Inspiration, Tips 9


It’s blowing a gale outside, it’s dark by about mid afternoon and it’s January… and yet for some reason we decide this is the month to ‘give up’ on just about everything we can think of. Don’t get me wrong, after the parties and much merriment of December I think it’s a great month to take things a little easy, but my mantra is to be gentle in January, to find balance rather than go instantly from one extreme to the other.

This is why I hate to think of diets being all about deprivation – I can’t have this, I can’t have that. Ideally, I like to think of all the nice things I can add to my day and my shopping list, rather than the things to take away. Likewise, I’m not the biggest fan of going all out on the raw salads in January. In these chilly months we need our comfort, which is why nature so helpfully gives us plenty of sweet vegetables like squash and celeriac, perfect for roasting, mashing and making hearty soups.

I probably sound a bit mad but I ‘treated’ myself to some new workout clothes yesterday, something slightly more flattering I hope! I never thought I’d see that¬†as a treat but I guess we can all change over time! And then I went to Whole Foods to see what interesting foods and teas I could find. I came away with a big block of fresh tofu (ideas, please), some avocado hummus (yum), green tea kombucha (I discovered kombucha in California a few years ago, it’s a natural culture of sorts that is said to boost your immune system and balance out your metabolism), Yogi Choco Tea (kind of chocolate tasting, if you use your imagination) and some aloe vera juice (my nod to the month of cleansing). It does all sound a bit holier than thou but I really enjoyed pottering around the store – I didn’t feel deprived for one second.

So this January give up deprivation, it only leads to heartache.

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9 Responses to “I’m giving up…”

  1. Penny says:

    Well I have treated myself to your book from Amazon. I already love it because you are not an American diet guru! It arrived today and I've already read loads.
    Have a recipe question :- p 287 Celeriac soup, it doesn't say how much celeriac, I assume a whole one? I love celeriac.

  2. I agree with you fully – we need to be gentle with ourselves because we tend to be gentle with others but absolutely horribly strict and uncaring about our own selves! :) So out you go, deprivation, and good riddance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm with Penny ~ I also treated myself to your book ~ finally arrived after 3 weeks! I love herbed, baked tofu and I'm back to using Numi Organic Mate Lemon Green Tea. Can't wait to start your book! Mary Ellen :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Pea Guacamole (Daniel Orr)
    1lb Peas cooked until skins are tender, shock in ice water and drain well
    1 chili red or green depending on your taste
    Thumb sized piece of fresh ginger
    1/2lb silken tofu
    1/2 cup Olive Oil
    Fresh Mint (I added that as it seemed the perfect thing to add)
    Puree ingredients together until smooth – delicious! The Tofu gives it a really lovely texture and it makes a great alternative to Avocado guacamole

  5. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed Kate's comments and the others. I'm feeling good these past few days because I'm really cutting way back on fat, sugar,salt & less meat. I'm eating lots more vegetables (made a wonderful, fulfilling soup) whole grains, and some fruit. I've lost a pound a day (this is my third day)and am not hungry between meals.

  6. Kate Adams says:

    Can you really tell I'm not an American diet guru?!!

  7. kim says:


    i am from south africa, i love your book and the first time i read it i lost 6kgs…….

    then, everything went pear shaped…. i have been building, my youngest son was doing matric,he got beaten up at a club and i have an eldest son and husband who are very unhappy…. so hence i have been EATING… i weighed today at the gym and whooooo 80kgs…..(i should be 68kgs)

    so what did i do… came home and ate………

    i want to start reading the book again in the morning but i know after a bottle of red wine tonight i am going to be looking for food.

    help what must i do……

    i have my eldest sons 21st in 21days time and i need to look thinner!!!!!!!!

    • Kate says:

      hello there, I’m no great expert but I do remember very well what it was like to reach for food and wine as comfort. The thing is, it just makes us feel worse after the temporary comforting effect. It’s different for everyone, but I wonder if it’s about putting your health and happiness first, really taking care of yourself. Because if you take great care of yourself you’ll take great care of the lovely people in your life too and yet it’s often the last thing on our list. And focus on all the really enjoyable healthy things you can do and eat between now and the birthday, fill your day with little healthy things and look forward – don’t spend time and energy on feeling bad or guilty. Good luck!

  8. kim says:

    oh I love this….. you are sooo right (i have been away relaxing in the mountains for a long weekend) i have come home feeling very relaxed… i have had my sore foot up the whole time and given the chortosone injection time to work…. but in the morning i have already prepared my food for tomorrow…. need to kick start with a detox…… thanks for the support it is sooo great

    thanks kim

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