Special Offer Food Diary Analysis by Kate

Writing a Food & Exercise Diary is the best way to find out how your lifestyle is looking right now and what you need to do about it if you want to see and feel great results. Im offering a personalised service to help you with this crucial step.


1. Food & Exercise Diary Analysis. I will give you 6 simple changes you can instantly make to see a quick difference. All I need is 3-7 days of your food and exercise diary (7 is ideal but not essential). £9.99

2. Diary Analysis + Shopping List and Menus (with Recipes) for 7 Days. The perfect start, completely personalised for your likes and dislikes. £24.99

3. Diary Analysis + Shopping List + 7 Days of Menus + Skype Q&A with Kate. For the ultimate inspiration. £49.99

Choose from the paypal options below and Ill be straight in touch by email to get started!