I hate water

Nicole wrote this post for everyone who, like her, struggles to drink a glass of water a day, let alone 8

Every January I realise how much I dislike drinking water. Because January is the month of eating better, drinking less, getting fit and generally turning yourself into a superhero. And one vital part of turning your body into a temple is DRINK MORE WATER.

Truth is, I will drink Purdeys, juice, Vitamin water or coconut water, anything BUT just water. For the record, I am not a fan of the green juice either.

So, we just went to New York and came across this funky place called The Butchers Daughter. It was healthy and so cool; if you can make healthy into something cool then Im in. On the menu there were incredible seasonal juices and elixir shots. On the table were glass bottles of water with fresh mint crammed in. These got me thinking that I could add natural flavours to water to make it far more interesting.

For example:
Pressed ginger
Lemon juice
Fresh herbs
Yuzu (another type of citrus flavour from Asia)

I also realised that when you look at the labels of drinks you can tell a lot about how good they are for you. If sugar is the second ingredient after water, even I have started to steer clear. I have discovered coconut water that has no added sugar and that I almost like sparkling water, especially with some fresh lime and ginger squeezed in. And in my efforts to make water something I could fall in love with, here are my two healthy cocktails with which I will be celebrating my body as a temple this January.

Coconut water (no added sugar)
Pineapple juice
Dash of yuzu
Pinch of chilli
evening primrose oil

Sparkling water
Pressed lemongrass
Pressed pear, cucumber and ginger
Fresh lime juice

Kate is lucky because she just loves herbal tea, which all count as drinking water (Ive never seen someone with so many teas: green, yerba mate, nettle, fennel, chai, the list goes on and on). She also thinks kombucha is nectar of the gods. I, on the other hand, need milk and sugar just to drink rooibos. So this is my year of natural flavoured water. How do you drink yours?